New Spec Homes Off Scott Road Hobsonville Starting To Appear

As a local Hobsonville mortgage broker I like to keep an eye on the properties for sale in the area.

Of course within the Hobsonville Point area we have seen new house and land packages released progressively by the building companies. The supply of new homes has been managed quite carefully with the companies drip-feeding the new projects onto the market in a very controlled manner. This has helped balance the supply and demand and has also meant that process have remained very stable and in most cases the building companies have been able to manage the sales process themselves and sell the house and land packages off the plans well before the building starts.

New Spec Homes Off Scott Road Hobsonville

Today on Trade Me there were two new listings of new homes in the Scott Point area, but both listed as Hobsonville.

Affordable Brand-new house in Hobsonville – this new spec home is at 47 Greenfinch Road, Hobsonville and is listed as “to be sold by auction”

A Beautifully Designed New home – this is another new spec home and at 28 Toanui Road, Hobsonville and this is listed as “price by negotiation”

I did a quick count of new build homes for sale in the Scott Point area and there were twenty three. Of these just seven were listed with prices and there was only one that was prices at under the million dollar mark.

Living In Hobsonville Point Or Scott Point

It’s interesting to speak to people looking to live in the local Hobsonville area and hear comments about where is best to live – Hobsonville Point or Scott Point.

There are pro’s and con’s to both areas.

Some people prefer the detailed planning that has gone into the Hobsonville Point area. In most cases the building companies are selling house and land packages which are designed and allow very little input for changes. In some cases the only changes a new home buyer is able to make is some internal colours or have some choice in the kitchens and bathrooms.

The planning has also meant there are lots of shared public spaces and houses are designed to work with the neighboring houses.

Personally I know when we built and wanted to add an extra window to an upstairs room I was a bit surprised that we had to get special permission – at the time I thought that was a bit over the top! However now when I reflect on this I can sit on the deck and not have neighbours looking directly at me, so I guess the detailed planning is really a good thing. In contrast I have seen a home in a new Kumeu subdivision where the master bedroom windows look directly into the neighbours master bedroom which is not ideal.

Other people find that their is not much flexibility and therefore are not keen on Hobsonville Point, preferring new subdivisions where they can have more influence on the design of their new home. The Scott Point area has allowed for individual and smaller building companies to buy sections and build new homes which they are either selling as finished homes (spec homes) or selling off the plans. This means we are seeing a range of different houses.

Finance For Your New Home

My name is Stuart Wills and as a local home owner and mortgage broker I am interested to keep in touch with what is going on within the area and this includes knowing what is on the market and the house prices etc. I get the chance to speak regularly to the sales people at the building companies, the real estate agents that work in the area, the property valuers and of course a lot of people that require finance for their new homes.

Arranging finance for new homes is a big part of what I do.

With our office in Hobsonville, living locally in Hobsonville Point and having recently completed a new build we have become the people to speak to about financing new homes. We know the criteria with all the different banks and have access to non-bank finance for those “hard” situations. Due to our experience with new builds we also know how to structure the finance to ensure that the build goes smoothly and you can build without the added stress of having issues with the bank. Unfortunately too often we see and hear from people that have let an inexperienced bank person or even a mortgage broker which has arranged finance that seemed okay, but in fact caused problems as they had not understood some of the issues that are unique when building a new home.

It costs nothing to talk to us – so you’ve got nothing to loose even if it’s just to get a second opinion.