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Mortgage Brokers For New Home Building

Getting lending for for new home building is different from just getting a home loan for an existing home, so therefore it is better to speak to a mortgage broker that is an expert and has specialist knowledge in lending for new home building. My name is Stuart Wills and am a specialist in sourcing finance
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Buying Investment Property With Just 20% Deposit

Typically someone that is buying investment property will now require a 40% deposit and that is limiting who can invest; however when you buy a brand new house for an investment you need just 20% deposit. Often property investors will be borrowing the full 100% but just split over more than one property. Being able
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The Smart Growth Concept For New Builds

The smart growth concept of living has no quarter acre section, no family house and no car. People live in small apartments and use public transport. Smart growth commonly occurs in countries with little land (e.g. Hong Kong) but many cities are moving towards smaller houses and apartments and are trying to encourage people to
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Is Residential Building Slowing?

We have seen recently reported that new building activity fell in both value and volume terms in the first quarter of this year compared to the fourth quarter of last year, but it’s not a dramatic drop with the volume of residential building work put in place was down by just 0.8% compared to the fourth
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Get Good Advice On Building & Finance

When you are building a new house you should seek advice from experts, and that includes experts on both building & finance. You should never be too busy to listen to good advice. Getting advice early can save a whole lot of headaches. Do You Need Expert Advice? Of course you do. When you are
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Experts In Residential Construction Lending

Residential construction lending is different from just getting a home loan and therefore it is better to speak to a broker that is an expert and has specialist knowledge in this type of lending. My name is Stuart Wills and I am an expert with new build finance. Residential Construction Lending Is Different When you
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