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Probably The Best New Build Finance Package In 2019

As new build finance specialists we are always looking for the best finance packages from the various banks. In particular for financing of builds on a progress payment basis where you purchase the land and progressively pay for the build as per the schedule within the fixed price build contract. For 2019 we are pleased
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Open The Door To Your New Home

How would you like to open the door to your new home? Kiwis love to own their own homes whether it be a brand new home or an existing home that is a new home to you and your family. Most of us will start with our first home which might not be exactly what
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HomeStart Grant Aligns With KiwiBuild

Good news for first home buyers… an early Christmas present. The house price caps for the HomeStart Grant have today been increased making it easier for eligible New Zealanders to buy a new build whether that be a KiwiBuild home or any other new build. The HomeStart Grant is for up to $20,000 for a
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ANZ Bank Make Changes To Improve New Build Lending

We recently wrote about the increase in new build lending announced by ANZ Bank and commented that while we do use them to finance new builds we consider them to be just one option and like any bank or non-bank lender they need to earn your business. It was therefore pleasing to see the bank
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ANZ Bank Announce Increased New Build Lending

According to new figures from ANZ Bank today they have increased their new build lending by 9% in the year to September 2018. This is the most new build lending done by the bank in the last 4-years. Antonia Watson (ANZ managing director for retail and business banking) has said this is being driven by
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Getting Approved Finance For Your KiwiBuild Home

The momentum is starting to grow with KiwiBuild Homes and we are starting to hear about the KiwiBuild projects with new homes starting to become available. We are seeing this Government talking of new KiwiBuild developments and how this is great for first home buyers that have been priced out of the market, especially in
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KiwiBuild Announce Mt. Albert Apartments

The government has announced that 18 new apartments at the Ockham Residential Tuatahi development in Mt. Albert are now available to eligible KiwiBuild buyers through the ballot process. These apartments are not being built specifically for KiwiBuild but are an existing project which is underway and making a few apartments available through the KiwiBuild process
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Helping Kevin Purchase A New Home

Last night I had the pleasure in providing Kevin with a loan approval so he could confirm the purchase of a new home. It was a pleasure because Kevin was so grateful. Dealing With Banks Can Be Frustrating Like so many people, Kevin approached his bank of 25+ years but got extremely frustrated. In Kevin’s
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BNZ Update Rules For New Build Finance

If you look on the BNZ website you will see that they state they provide home loans as individual as you are … but you may struggle to find out much about their new build finance options. BNZ Finance For New Builds Like all banks, BNZ have a packaged product for financing new builds. They
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