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Getting Approved Finance For Your KiwiBuild Home

The momentum is starting to grow with KiwiBuild Homes and we are starting to hear about the KiwiBuild projects with new homes starting to become available. We are seeing this Government talking of new KiwiBuild developments and how this is great for first home buyers that have been priced out of the market, especially in
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BNZ Update Rules For New Build Finance

If you look on the BNZ website you will see that they state they provide home loans as individual as you are … but you may struggle to find out much about their new build finance options. BNZ Finance For New Builds Like all banks, BNZ have a packaged product for financing new builds. They
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Understanding How KiwiBuild Mortgages Work

We are hearing about KiwiBuild mortgages and getting asked questions from many first home buyers so thought we should clear up a bit of the confusion here. How The Term KiwiBuild Mortgages Started Kiwibank offers KiwiBuild mortgages … In an article run by the New Zealand Herald in August 2018 Kiwibank says it will let
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Wrong Bank Advice Nearly Kills Couple’s Dream

If you are looking at your finance options for building a new home then you want to speak with an expert who can give you the right advice. Too often people rely on information from their main trading bank and unfortunately too often we hear that the advice given was wrong. This is especially the
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LVR Restictions Allow New Build Exemption For Completed Homes

Restrictions on loan-to-value ratios (LVRs) are explained on The Reserve Bank website as temporary limits on banks to reduce the amount of low-deposit mortgage lending but to encourage the building of new houses they have also had some exemptions, now including a new build exemption for new houses that are being construction or are being
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