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Probably The Best New Build Finance Package In 2019

As new build finance specialists we are always looking for the best finance packages from the various banks. In particular for financing of builds on a progress payment basis where you purchase the land and progressively pay for the build as per the schedule within the fixed price build contract. For 2019 we are pleased
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ANZ Bank Make Changes To Improve New Build Lending

We recently wrote about the increase in new build lending announced by ANZ Bank and commented that while we do use them to finance new builds we consider them to be just one option and like any bank or non-bank lender they need to earn your business. It was therefore pleasing to see the bank
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Find People That Know About Financing New Builds

Like the people that work within the banks, many of the Auckland mortgage brokers do not know much about financing new builds. Some people will find it easy to get a pre-approval, but when it comes to understanding exactly what is needed the bankers and many brokers struggle. Traditional Finance Versus New Builds Traditional finance
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Wrong Bank Advice Nearly Kills Couple’s Dream

If you are looking at your finance options for building a new home then you want to speak with an expert who can give you the right advice. Too often people rely on information from their main trading bank and unfortunately too often we hear that the advice given was wrong. This is especially the
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Make Your Kitchen A Design Statement

They say your kitchen is the heart of the house and for most Kiwis it is either the kitchen of the BBQ where the people gather when you entertain. We recently built our own new home in Hobsonville Point. It was built by Jalcon Homes and was completed at the end of 2015 and was entered
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