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ANZ Change New Build Rules Again

In June ANZ made some changes to the way they assess new build finance for investment properties which made it very difficult for any ANZ customers to get finance approved. As a leading Auckland mortgage broker I questioned the banks stance, but like many brokers we had other bank alternatives and so ANZ missed out
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Buying Apartments Off The Plans Is Popular Again

It has become popular again for people buying apartments off the plans both for homes and as investments. With house prices increasing in Auckland higher density living is becoming a reality and a necessity, so apartments are being built in the CBD and now in the suburbs too. Apartments have been popular in cities around the world,
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Sticking To A Budget When Building

It is always a problem sticking to a budget when building, but if you are borrowing money or have a limited budget then it is extremely important to control your spending. A Little More Here … It is tempting to spend just a little more here, to upgrade this and that. Of course if you
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More People Consider Building A New Home

In a real estate environment where there is a shortage of properties for sale (listings) and so many going to auction it is not surprising that more people are now looking at building a new home. It is a fact that Kiwis love property and most of us dream of one day building our own
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The New Build Exemption For Property Investors

Since the recent introduction of the bigger deposit requirement for property investors we have fielded a number of questions about the new build finance exemption and how it applies to property investors  – those Kiwis that want to build an investment property. Understand The LVR Rules For Property Investors Under the proposed new restrictions no
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