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Getting Low Deposit Mortgages For AXIS Homes | April 2017 Update

There has been a lot of posts and comments on Facebook and other social media about problems getting low deposit mortgages for AXIS Homes and the information is probably going to frustrate those looking for finance. We saw this post on Facebook yesterday which prompted this; Just wondering if anyone here can please recommend a
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Experts In Residential Construction Lending

Residential construction lending is different from just getting a home loan and therefore it is better to speak to a broker that is an expert and has specialist knowledge in this type of lending. My name is Stuart Wills and I am an expert with new build finance. Residential Construction Lending Is Different When you
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Is Buying A House And Land Package Better

As well as this website we set up a Facebook pages with the view to get feedback and questions from people. There are a lot of pages and groups on Facebook but here are two of the best; Kiwi First Home Buyers Group New Build Finance The advantage of social media is we can answer
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Two Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker For Your New Build

There are plenty of good reasons to use a mortgage broker when you need finance to build your new home. Of course it is easy to say you should choose a mortgage broker instead of the bank, and there are some good reasons for this, especially for a new build where good mortgage advice is
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Wrong Bank Advice Nearly Kills Couple’s Dream

If you are looking at your finance options for building a new home then you want to speak with an expert who can give you the right advice. Too often people rely on information from their main trading bank and unfortunately too often we hear that the advice given was wrong. This is especially the
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Rental Property

Converting Your Home To A Rental Property

When you decide to build a new home, you might want to keep your existing home as a rental property rather than sell it. There are some obvious advantages, including this means you have somewhere to live during the build. In a rising property market it also gives you the option of delaying the decision
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Should You Buy Or Build Your Next Home?

This is a question many of us will ask ourselves – should you buy or build your next home? There are advantages and disadvantages in both. Buying An Existing Home The huge advantage in buying an existing home is simply that it already exists. Assuming you find a suitable home at a price that you are
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New Build Houses Make Better Rental Investments

One of the decisions you’ll need to make as a property investor is whether to invest in new build houses or existing properties. Of course there will be a lot of people with their own opinions, but in today’s finance environment we think that new build houses may make better rental investments. Let us explain
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Getting Finance For Your New Axis Home At Hobsonville Point

As specialist new build mortgage brokers based in Hobsonville we get asked a lot about financing new builds including the new Axis homes for first home buyers. There has been a lot of frustration about getting finance for Axis homes and particularly due to the timeframe of the build and some of the clauses within
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