Mirrors Increases Concept Of Size When Building A New Home

When you consider the cost of every square metre for building a new home, you may start to look at ways to make smaller spaces appear larger than they are.

Mirrors can make dark room seem brighter or a small space seem larger and more open, all depending on placement.

And the cost of a stunning feature mirror is very cost effective.

Use Mirrors To Spread Light Throughout Rooms

One of the most direct ways to use mirrors to increase sunlight in a room is to place mirrors on walls opposite the window.

For rooms which may have only one window for sunlight to shine through, place a mirror on the wall directly opposite the window so inbound sunlight reflects back into the room. This creates a magnifying effect making the room appear larger and brighter.

If there is no wall directly opposite the window, place a mirror on an adjacent wall far enough away from the window that you can see the window reflected in the mirror.

Where certain areas seem extremely dark during daytime, place a mirror at an angle to a nearby window so the light bounces from the window into the darker area. A movable mirror such as the tall mirrors on a stand that are used in bedrooms or dressing areas is suitable for this purpose.

Imagine the sunlight or a laser shining through a window and bouncing at an angle off the mirror to figure out the best angle to light a dark corner or room.

Mirrors Can Help In Small Gardens Too

Remember that mirrors aren’t just for the indoors, they are becoming more common in small gardens too.

You put so much time and effort into creating a garden to be proud of, so why not reflect it and enjoy it from more angles?

Garden mirrors can be placed in numerous ways to create a interest and to reflect both natural and mood lighting.

From History To Building A Modern Day Home

Mirrors have a long history of use both as household objects and as objects of decoration.

The earliest known manufactured mirrors (approximately 8000 years old) have been found in Anatolia (south central modern-day Turkey). These were made from obsidian which is a volcanic glass and had a convex surface providing a remarkably good optical quality.

From the late 17th century onward, mirrors—and their frames—played an increasingly important part in the decoration of rooms.

Today it’s rear to see a home without a mirror.

Consider Mirrors When Building A New Home

You may be busy thinking about design, colours and finance for your new home but furnishings and mirrors can create the personal touch that represent your personality within your new home.

We always should remember “reflect” and respect the historical aspects of mirrors and appreciate more not only mirror’s functionality, but incredible lighting effects that mirrors can help you achieve when building new home.