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Will Low Home Loan Rates See More New Homes Purchased?

This week we have seen The Reserve Bank slash the official cash rate (OCR) to ensure the New Zealand public have lower home loan rates and therefore more money in their pockets to spend. Well that’s what they want to happen anyway! But how will Kiwis react? The rates have only just dropped and the
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Open The Door To Your New Home

How would you like to open the door to your new home? Kiwis love to own their own homes whether it be a brand new home or an existing home that is a new home to you and your family. Most of us will start with our first home which might not be exactly what
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BNZ Update Rules For New Build Finance

If you look on the BNZ website you will see that they state they provide home loans as individual as you are … but you may struggle to find out much about their new build finance options. BNZ Finance For New Builds Like all banks, BNZ have a packaged product for financing new builds. They
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Simon Says Talk To Stuart Wills About New Build Finance

My name is Stuart Wills and as a mortgage broker I have gained a reputation for helping people finance new builds. Of course we are based in Hobsonville which is an area of New Zealand that probably has more new builds than most other places; however that alone would not make any mortgage broker an
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Mirrors Increases Concept Of Size When Building A New Home

When you consider the cost of every square metre for building a new home, you may start to look at ways to make smaller spaces appear larger than they are. Mirrors can make dark room seem brighter or a small space seem larger and more open, all depending on placement. And the cost of a
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More People Consider Building A New Home

In a real estate environment where there is a shortage of properties for sale (listings) and so many going to auction it is not surprising that more people are now looking at building a new home. It is a fact that Kiwis love property and most of us dream of one day building our own
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